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Branding Is The Art Of Design

Updated: Apr 1

Despite the common misconception that design and art are one in the same, there are actually colossal gaps between the two disciplines.

Art is about personal expression. It has intrinsic and independent value. The purpose of art is fully contained within the art itself. This is not the case with design. Design is about use. Its value is dependent on the purpose it serves and the user that it serves that purpose for.

Creativity plays significantly different roles in design and art. Good design is not done for the sake of being creative. It’s creative because it solves a problem and makes a connection.

Art can be creative simply for the sake of being creative because that’s precisely what it should provide. Design is creative because its purpose is to solve a problem and provide a solution.

ART sparks discussion. DESIGN provides rational.

ART is admire admired. DESIGN is recoginzed.

ART is an expression. DESIGN has a purpose.

ART is subjective. DESIGN is objective.

ART stimulates. DESIGN motivates

ART is design. DESIGN is art.

Art is design and design is art. BRANDING is the pairing of these disciplines.

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