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Logos Are Memories

In my 30 years in the branding and design field, I’ve found that logo design and the branding that connects it is a nostalgic link to so many of our memories. You may think that most people could care less about logos but, over the years, I’ve come to realize that actually, they really do care, a lot, and they’re pretty passionate about them. I can remember as a kid, getting more excited about my Hot Wheels car packaging with the big flaming muscle-car logo than I did about the car inside! So, what is it about logos?

I’m pretty sure that we’d all agree that we don’t actually think about logos until we go to purchase something and that trusted logo and brand is gone, or changed somehow and therefore, erased from our memories. That’s when we start to care, a lot. And while the design community rips new logos to shreds based on tiny details and a seen-it-before syndrome, the general public, which is the real audience, gets angry and upset. We all have memories connecting us to the logos to our favorite brands or an unforgettable experience. When that’s taken away, the connection to your brand is broken.

You see, it’s not really just about the design of a logo. It never has been. It’s always been about what a logo represents and the connection it creates. I believe logos are a shortcut to memories. Take away the logo, and you remove the connection to all of those moments you associate with a brand. So who really cares about the logos? Turns out, we all do.

Logos are feel-good memories, and we all need more of those, especially during the uncertain times we’re living in. The best logos set off reactions and connect us when we see them. When I see Hot Wheels, I’m transported back to my childhood. This to me, explains why we’re seeing a trend of brands looking to their past as a starting point for them to move forward..

We all love logos. We love them for what they stand for and the memories they hold, and the experiences they transport us to. Yes, your logo matters, and all of us at Branding Loud And Clear we have the responsibility to make sure it’s in tune with how it will connect with your customers and make them feel.

So, we’re in the business of making memories that connect to your customers.

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