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Starting A Business In A Pandemic

Now that 2020 has encouraged us to embrace the fact that so many things are out of our control, we’re able to see more clearly what has been working in the world, and what hasn’t. We also have more time to put our energy toward areas of our lives that are within our control. I relaunched my ad agency, Branding Loud And Clear in the midst of the pandemic with one thing in mind. To trust my instincts and go all in.

The ever-increasing problems we face mean we’re seeking more solutions than ever, and someone to solve them. It’s now become easier and more accessible for everyday people to start a business. E-commerce and the consumption of online content have spiked almost 40% in the wake of Covid-19. So this was the perfect time to restart Branding Loud And Clear because we help businesses amplify their voices through connected branding and media, so their message can be heard during these unprecedented and challenging times.

We so often doubt ourselves and what we are good at, sometimes to the point where it stops us from taking the next step toward our highest desires. We believe that our gifts are not unique. We believe our talents come easily when in reality, we’re incredibly gifted. And when you enjoy what you do, your passion and energy shine through in your work. Work becomes effortless and enjoyable when you’re living in true alignment with your soul and heart's desires.

This pandemic has forced millions of people out of their jobs. If I didn’t decide to restart my company, I’d be looking to join those who do start one. This is the new normal, and many successful leaders, businesses, and companies are creating during times of turmoil. You can’t be hesitant during this time and you should only look for the reasons why your business will work, instead of why it won’t, because what you focus on will grow, and Branding Loud And Clear is here to help

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