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Media Defines Your Message

In my experience, there’s a real need to establish the purpose and rationale behind the marketing tasks you want to develop. Therefore, the two questions to always ask at the onset of any brand project are; What role will this play in your business? What goal should this accomplish?

For instance, If you need a website designed, understand that web travelers are fickle. They’ll visit your website wanting to be entertained, surprised, wanting to buy, need to “learn more”, or simply wanting to contact you. And, they won’t think twice about leaving and never returning if your website doesn’t provide these things. The print ad you want to be designed, well, what publication will it be found in? Who’s its target audience? What’s it’s shelf life? Billboards are great at reach and frequency, but your customers can’t buy what you're offering from one, but if designed awesomely, you’ll most certainly peak a lot of interest. A sales brochure most likely serves as an introduction to a sales call or a leave behind after the call, so focusing on your product and its features and benefits and its technical specifications would probably make sense.

Your brand position should give your customers a similar experience across every touchpoint, but not every touchpoint should serve the same purpose or have the same goal. That’s why understanding what you hope to accomplish and what media you want to deliver it from matters.

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