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I honestly couldn't be more thankful that Ian Barrie was the contractor I ended up with to help me for my website. It's like grabbing a Swiss Army Knife for the tweezers, and realizing you have a tool for 10 jobs you know you still need to do. Ian brought a level of market expertise to match up with what I felt like I wanted my website to be, and ultimately created a web space I could never have come up with on my own. I hope by reading this review, you bypass luck, and go with a contractor like Ian who will get the job done and help you achieve the vision in your head with the digital space that is possible.



I really enjoyed working with Ian. He helped me with brand development and a major website revision. He quickly produced drafts for me to review and was very responsive to feedback. We had an ambitious timeline and he met that timeline with days to spare. I will definitely work with him again



From start to finish working with Ian at Branding Loud and Clear was a great experience. I originally contacted him to build a website. After discussing the project with him for just a short time it was clear that we needed to brand my company and then build the website. Ian took the time one on one to explain everything and walk me through the process. I am extremely impressed with his timeline and his professionalism. He has great ideas and is extremely talented with making your business stand out amongst the crowd. The outcome of my website and the building of my brand was epic. I’m very impressed and proud of the product. Thanks E, for a job Well done. I would highly recommend contacting Branding Loud and Clear for all your branding and website needs.



Ian took the time to understand what I wanted created. He worked with what I had already designed to make a professional looking website.


Ian was a great help in explaining what he could do for our program's website and how it could benefit the program. He was easy to work with even when I accidentally complicated the process and created extra work for him. I look forward to many years of working with to add more functionality to our website.



Ian delivered! He listened, and made changes very quickly. If you want more than a cookie cutter site, go to him.



When I contacted Ian I was truly at the end of my rope with my website. It was an outdated mess. I was looking for a fresh perspective, a fresh look and a more streamlined experiences for all website visitors. I needed someone that was an expert that I could trust to help me with my needs. Ian not only lead the way with site suggestions but he beautifully executed exactly what we set out to do. He took the time to get familiar with me, my business and my website needs. His communication through the entire process was great. We pivoted as needed and he delivered an amazing new site in a short amount of time. I was able to fully trust his suggestions and the result is a brand new beautifully designed site that functions well and provides all visitors a great experience.  I highly suggest hiring Ian. I will absolutely continue my work with him and use him for future projects.



Ian and BLC build great websites, awesome logos and provides excellent polish on content. Highly recommend!

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